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Mystery Amp Q for the cheapo oldies

12/5/2005 4:14 PM
TheElectricMoron Mystery Amp Q for the cheapo oldies
So I saw this beauty at the swap meet.  
No name/logo anywhere on it that I can find. Looks like the tolex was purple and the grill was a pale color once.. It has reverb and trem, 2xEL84 power section and 4x8” speakers. The speakers are gold colored alnicos with sorta shallow looking cones. They are all the same and the dust level etc makes me give them a good possible on being original. I didn’t measure it but is about 24x18x10 or so. Wood cab with very square corners and edges and no corner protectors  
Unfortunately it has been diddled with to some unknown extent. The chassis is loose in the cab. Two prong lamp cord that might be original but looks so-so wimpy and could be off an old lamp that was handy. The seller said that the tubes light up but no sound. It is obvious from the state of the speaker wiring that expecting sound might be a bit optimistic. Personally I’m not interested in this thing, tho it does look like it would make a pretty primo harp amp.  
Anyway, if anyone has an idea of what this might be, I’ll pass it on to the current owner.  
Thanks in advance  
12/5/2005 10:20 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Could be an old Checkmate or Lafeyette.  
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12/8/2005 5:38 AM
Traynor made a 2xEL84 amp with 4x8 speakers, Trem. + Rev. called a Studio Mate.  
Google YGM3 (note there were 2 versions, one had a single 12" speaker).  
Respected little amp-  
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