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Magnatone AMP 240SV PARTS

11/26/2005 6:34 PM
Scott Cook
Magnatone AMP 240SV PARTS
Can anyone tell me where I can get ahold of parts for the magnatone 240SV amp. This is a solid state amp. I was going to parts it out but I thought I would give this a try first. I need the circuit boards. I have every thing for the amp but at some time it took a spill and two of the boards broke. Well one broke and one cracked. Does any one have any info or ideas I hate to parts out any vintage equipment. and this one is loaded. Thanks Scott
11/28/2005 11:02 PM
Don Symes

It's probably a single-sided PCB. If you can get the pieces out, a bit of epoxy and some fabric tape to repair and stabilize the breaks, some wire jumpers and solder to repair the traces - you should be reasonably good to go.  
Any broken components?  
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