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Re: Wiring a reverse phase jumper cable

12/9/2005 9:02 PM
Re: Wiring a reverse phase jumper cable
OK, two jacks on the amp. Each one has ground and signal. Even if they are plastic jacks and not directly gropunded to the panel, the sleeve contact still goes to ground inside somewhere. You want something to connect between the two that swaps ground for signal. The tip from jack A gets connected through your box to the sleeve of jack B. That means jack A signal at the tip is now grounded, because the sleeve of jack B is grounded. Furthermore, the hot pin of jack B is now connected to the sleeve of jack A and is also grounded for the same reason.  
That is why it won't work.  
The only way it will work is to use a transformer in the box, or an active inverting stage.  
But don't believe all of us, wire it up and try it.
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