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Grounding issue on old Silvertone?

3/23/2006 11:18 PM
bill m.
Grounding issue on old Silvertone?
nice tweedy sounding 50s champ-like 1431 amp  
has just joined my musical household,  
but with one weird issue:  
with 2 diff. guitars, 2 diff. guitar cords,  
2 diff. electric outlets/ lines in the house  
i get *ungrounded crackle* when i touch metal  
parts on the guitars, incl. the strings.  
i don't get this on those outlets  
with other amps....  
i reversed the plug on the 2-wire power cord  
but still get the ungrounded-type crackle  
from all metal guitar parts....  
any thoughts on the problem,  
and how to fix it?  
i need to solve this problem  
to really play the amp.  
thanks, bill m.
3/24/2006 10:08 PM
Don Symes

You must convert that hazard-to-YOUR-life 2-wire cord to a 3-wire. Do it now, before you plug that thing back into the wall.  
Then, well, while you have it open, go over all the ground/chassis connections - tighten, resolder, whatever.  
but first, get rid of that 2-wire power cord before it kills you.
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