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Accutronics Reverb internal connector /wire borken

1/29/2005 8:22 AM
Accutronics Reverb internal connector /wire borken
The newer Accutronics reverb tanks use insulation displacement connectors (IDC) inside the tank on the wires that connect to the transducers.  
I've seen a couple tanks with the same problem; it's actually the wire that breaks - apparently they push on the wire too hard during manufacturing and it cuts some of the wire strands.  
I have had no luck with extracting the pin from the connector. After much mucking around I have just peeled back the plastic shell and soldered the wire to the connector pin to get the repair finished.  
Has anybody else run across this, and found the type and where to get a replacement connector, or found a better or more reliable solution?
1/30/2005 11:54 AM
Wild Bill

I keep a bunch of led connectors around salvaged from old computers - the two pin ones and I keep a few inches of wire on them.  
They fit perfectly as a replacement for those IDC connectors! I've had this very problem 3 times now and I just tossed the IDC connector and used the led ones.  
Never had a repeat problem!  
Reduce, re-use, recycle!  
---Wild Bill
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1/30/2005 1:09 PM

Great idea, thanks Bill!  
Big item trash day in my neighborhood is coming up in a few months, I'll have to stock up on them then!  
1/30/2005 2:18 PM

I just toss the IDC and tack the wires right to the pins on the transducer. I am not so sure they nicked the conductors, after all, the little black and green wires have been breaking of for decades, long before the IDC showed up.
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