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ampeg ss b3

6/25/2004 6:00 AM
sid gulick
ampeg ss b3
hello enzio--i have an ampeg  
b3 which blew all 4 power  
transistors, the small a06/a56  
transistors, and a couple of  
1n4148 diodes--that's what i've  
found so far anyway--and before  
putting good parts into the amp  
i thought i would try to trace  
the input and see where it breaks  
down. i immediately run into  
problems because this thing has  
a tortuous circuit board and  
lf074 opamps all over the place  
and without a schematic i'm just  
stabbing in the dark. is there  
a place i can get a good diagram  
of this circuit? thanks for  
your help. by the way, i checked  
for 39v across the driver opamp  
(3355?) and it's there. when i  
look at ac with a dvm there is a  
varying voltage there but when i  
look on a scope there is only a  
small angular ripple, like rc  
time constants on a diode rectified  
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