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How to turn a Mesa Boogie MKIII into a MarkIIC+?

12/25/2005 11:41 AM
How to turn a Mesa Boogie MKIII into a MarkIIC+?
Hi, the best boogie ever. that's what I read about the MKIIC+. I had a triaxis once and was pleased with the IIC+ voicing. Nowadays I most often play old fender amps but sometimes I need that MB singing lead sound which I know from the triaxis. I noticed those MKIIC+ are very rare and expensive. The MKIII can be purchased everywere. Those amp are very similar for as far i know.  
Is it possible to mod a III in a IIC+ with good results?  
Thanks in advance,  
12/26/2005 6:26 PM
No problem. It really depends on which 'stripe' you have, as these variations have slight tweaks to the power amp section and early gain stages. The most significant being Pentode configuration on the outer tubes vice Triode on the Mk II.  
However, IMO, you're 90% there anyway with a MkIII without any mods. The MkII had a primitive (albeat superior) circuit board construction relative to the MkIII and the trace width/spacing/topology is different so you can't get 100% there.  
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