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i bought one of these this weekend ...

12/19/2005 12:37 PM
johnny i bought one of these this weekend ...
i bought one of these this weekend for $100. i believe it was made in the mid-60's. it's a combo with a single 12" speaker. it's got two RCA 6V6's, two 12AX7's and a EZ81 rectifier. Controls; Bass, Treble, Volume, Hi Input, Lo Input. i think the Hi and Lo inputs go to V1a and V1b respectively (split) as there is not much gain.  
I think it's fixed bias because the cathodes of the 6v6's go directly to ground, there is no bias pot, but there's a diode. i still don't know much about fixed bias.  
The output section is wired up weird. the speaker jack comes right off pin 8 of one of the 6v6's and ground.  
It was made for bass guitar and it's pretty clean for almost all of it's volume control. i want to kind of hot rod it, give it some more guts so i can slam the power section a bit more.  
First, i want to figure out this circuit, then tweak it to taste. it's sounds pretty cool as it is though.  
Anyone familiar with this amp or have any info on it? like a schematic?  
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