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Epiphone Galaxie 25 to 18W?

12/18/2005 6:08 PM
David Epiphone Galaxie 25 to 18W?
Just an idea...let me know if this is stupid...  
What are the chances of taking the board out of an Epi Galaxie 25 and putting an 18W circuit in? The tube lineup is similar enough...I figure maybe use a SS rect. and use the iron & sockets that are already there. Anyone know any specs on the iron in these amps?  
Any ideas/feedback would be appreciated.
12/22/2005 12:54 AM

David, I have a Galaxie 25 with excessive hum in the reverb and I am trying to sort it out. I have been thinking about turning it into a 18watt lite, but I see a few problems. As I dig into this amp, I notice how cheap the chinese components are. All the way down the very flimsy metal chassis! You maybe save a few bucks using the inferior parts, but all it takes is one crappy tube socket to fail to result in a day of debugging.  
My experience has told me to use the best parts (ceramic tube sockets, quality transformers, etc) and not only becuase the build will go together better, but also the amp will age better. Those plastic tube sockets get damn hot with the power tubes mounted upside down. I really feel bad for the poor sap in 2025 that buys a damn Galaxie on ebay and every chinese component needs to be replaced!  
One more thought, the celestion speaker seems pretty decent (a little bright?) and the cab is fairly strong. I was thinking of maybe going the Fender Bassman route, but I measured the chassis and I think it's 19 inches. I don't believe that it's a standard size for a replacement, so it would have to be a custom chassis. Kind of annoying, eh?  
Well that's my two cents, keep me posted on what you decide to do.
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12/23/2005 7:04 PM
Thanks for the reply, man. I haven't actually bought a Galaxie yet, but I thought the $230 new from MF might be worth a cab, speaker, and chassis to harvest for another build. Shoot, I think they're more like $150 in mint cond. on eBay. I may go ahead and buy one, but I'll definitely note your experience and weigh that against the possibilities before I jump in...  
BTW, can you give me a link for some 18W lite info (schematic/layout, etc.)? I googled it, but didn't find much.  
I may just go ahead and replace all of the sockets, iron, and such.  
Anyone have any hot recommendations for a build using 6 9-pin sockets?
12/29/2005 1:37 PM

David, no problem. Honestly, I would not buy a new one, read the reviews on and how many people complain about the hum problems. I thought MF and those guys stopped selling this amp because it's discontinued? I would think there are or will be, a lot of people dumping this amp on ebay.  
Go to and you have to registed to view the 'downloads' section on the left hand side with all of the 18 watt schems.
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