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Peavey VavleKing 100 Head

2/21/2006 5:59 PM
Peavey VavleKing 100 Head
i saw that peavey came out with a new tube amp, the vavle king 100. i was wondering if anyone has played on it or purchased it and whats the catch for this amp since it is only $500. if anyone knows the naswer or if its worth buying it cuz i want a new amp head, a tube one id appreciate it. please email be back with your answers. thanks alot.  
2/21/2006 6:38 PM
Steve B.
Looks like a offshoot of a china made soldano SLO100.  
The reviews are iffy from good to bad, especailly the combos over at HC. I seen a 2x12 combo in a pawn for around $500.00 I passed!  
Says it does not come with a footswitch and the biggest complaint is the channel switching is slow and a very CHEAP built amp.  
Thats odd, I always though Peavey had good engineers. If I see one in a pawn for under $200.00 I might consider buying it.  
The JSX is supposed to be a good amp. Haven't tried one though.  
Steve B.
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2/22/2006 12:40 AM

I wonder how many folks who claim it is a cheaply built amp actually took one apart to find out? The pawn shop tells us nothing. A kid came into our store once with a like-new PRS guitar. Wanted $300 for it. SOLD!! His uncle gave it to him, and he had no idea of its value and wanted to buy dope as far as we could tell. Who knows why new amps sit in pawn shops?  
One common complaint is the hum floor seems to be higher than usual. SOme discussion of that over at PV boards. Other tha mthe common I broke my jack stuff, I haven't seen any real trouble reports on teh amp otherwise.
2/22/2006 6:39 AM
I wonder how many folks who claim it is a cheaply built amp actually took one apart to find out?  
Well... if you look at the amps Peavey built in the 70's and even into the 80's you definitally see better jacks and pots from the old stuff. The molex connectors are not too bad but i've seen them get funky in the past.  
I think what Steve B. wrote was from harmony Central reviews as I went there too looking at this amp after reading this thread. Lotsa complaints there.  
China built stuff isn't gonna be great parts but might not be too bad either though. Depends on if PV is doing good quality contol on these and watching what's going out? I just don't know.  
I am suprised that Hartley is having his stuff made in china or anywhere overseas. I always was under the impression that Hartley fancied himself on the fact that PV gear is good ol USA made.  
That being said it used to be real bang for the buck as I used PV gear for many years before I could lay my hands on a good tube amp. I remember one amp called the Renown 2x12 that had this circuit using a output trannie in a SS design and it was a good sounding amp. This was mid 80's though.  
Funny story from my past. My first amp was a univox SS 1x12 I got in 1979 and used for my first year of guitar playing. I was then lucky enough to buy a fender blackfaced tremolux head and fender 2x10 cab. I got that whole fender rig for $100.00 this was in 1980. I didn't know what I had then but wanted something louder so I traded straight up for a sunn Beta 50 watt 2x12 SS  
Man, I coulda kicked myself silly after trading that Fender off then. That same fender rig goes for many bucks these days. And it was a classic sound :( The Sunn beta was crapola. The next amp was a Peavey centurion 100 watter SS. That was my PV start and had many over the next 10 year.  
Yes newbie guitarist do some stupid stuff. But I guess that's the mistakes we make to learn lessons. LOL.....  
Enzo, Is there any quick fix you know of to lower the hum in these? Just curious as maybe I may end having to fix one up the road.  
2/22/2006 8:47 AM
Steve Dallman

Pawn shops are strange places. Much of the time they are asking too much for musical instrument stuff. Occasionally, there will be a real bargain. I found one head on the floor at our local pawnshop with a price of $229 on the cover. Lifting the cover revealed a Dual Rectifier, triple channel Mesa head in perfect condition. They actually came down on the price, so we bought it for $185 plus tax.  
When they give a pawn loan, and the borrower defaults, the pawn shop can only mark up the item a specific percent, which was what happened with this mesa. Occasionally there are great bargains. A Music Man Steve Lukather guitar went for $300. An early 60's Les Paul (SG shape) sold for $125 to a guy who bought a Hofner Beatle bass for the same price a month or so earlier.  
But most of the time their stuff is overpriced.
2/22/2006 9:15 PM
Hey Steve,  
I used to seach pawns every week looking for those good deals. Found few here and there and then ebayed the stuff off for an extra income.  
Never did find a meser booger though. darn :)  
Seems that in my area I just do not see too many good deals these days at the pawns, I wonder if everyone has been more careful on their money these days since 911? Ebay sure slowed down after that happened.  
I've been looking to get a LP from a pawn but no such luck. I haven't seen one in a pawn for over 8 years. Not even a decent Marshall too.  
Most stuff in pawns are the indo made crap guitars and crate SS amps, junk! most of the crate amps sound horrible too.  
oh well, life is still pretty good.  
2/22/2006 10:40 PM
Steve A.

Steve said:  
When they give a pawn loan, and the borrower defaults, the pawn shop can only mark up the item a specific percent...  
    Is that true for all states? I remember bringing my LP down to the pawnshop about 20-25 years ago and they'd loan me maybe $50 or $75. They'd usually sell crappy guitars for $200 so I'd expect them to mark up my LP to at least $500 if I was to default on it...  
    Are there different rules if they buy something outright? Just wondering because I know that they always offer very low prices for anything you bring in, yet the used stuff is usually overpriced.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I just found this link although I haven't read all 162 pages yet. :D
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