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Source for Fender board material?

9/26/2005 8:59 PM
John Kelley Brown
Source for Fender board material?
Anyone know where I can get blank material like Fender used in the handwired days? You know, the black stuff that looks like thick tar paper warmed over in the furnaces of hell? I've seen it offered but usualy pre drilled and eyeleted. I need it blank for a deceptive Princeton with my own circuit.  
9/27/2005 1:31 AM
Steve A.

    The material is called "fishpaper", at least at the old gasket shops. I never did look for a local source but I believe that there are a few non-local ones listed in my reference file:  
    Although Fender had theirs colored black I was told that gray was better to use because it was less likely to get conductive.  
    It comes in big sheets at the gasket shops so let me know if you find a local source (we can split a sheet if you want).  
--Talk to you later!  
Steve Ahola
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9/27/2005 9:54 AM
John Kelley Brown

Thanks Steve, I'll look into this today and let you know what I track down!  
9/27/2005 2:42 PM
Weber will custom make an eyelet board (they are black) for you if you send him a dxf file. I'm sure he'll send you a blank one if you ask...  
[QUOTE]Custom Fiber Boards  
Custom eyeleted fiberboards made from original tweed style black fiber board. We can work from a sketch or an autocad file (preferred).  
These are laser cut and are very clean as well as accurate. Turnaround time is days with an autocad file, or a week to a week and a half with a sketch.[/QUOTE]  
9/27/2005 2:48 PM

Oliner Fiber corp in NJ. It's vulcanized fiber - same stuff your drummer's road cases are probably made from. You can buy an 8x10 sheet pretty cheap, which will make a lot of amps.  
Have fun! :)
9/27/2005 2:58 PM

Is this the place?  
9/28/2005 10:42 PM
Smitty Check out this link  
Everything you ever wanted to know about vulcanized fibre but were afraid to ask.  
You have to love the Thomas Register. Remember when you had to buy the books?
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