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Weber AlNiCo "Signature 12"?

7/15/2005 1:22 AM
Mark Lavelle
Weber AlNiCo "Signature 12"?
Anyone have any experience with these speakers?:  
Weber's got them and the rest of the "signature"series on sale for $30 for the rest of the month:
7/15/2005 3:06 AM
Ted said that the ceramic 12 is basically the same speaker as the Reverend Alltone - a C12N clone. I have a pair of Reverends for my Bassman head, and they do the job nicely. I'm sure the Webers are at least as good.  
I'm getting an alnico 12 for a future Tweed type amp, and probably a few more.
7/16/2005 5:14 PM
Mark Lavelle
7/20/2005 2:01 PM
Hi Mark,  
I've used the 10S signatures in a build with 2 6L6's,  
what great-sounding speakers. I have however, no  
experience with the 12's but someone on another  
board blew a pair w/2 6L6's, couldn't handle the  
power. My plate voltage is only around 400 with my  
build, the player pushes the amp HARD, no problems  
so far. FWIW. Clyde.
7/21/2005 3:45 AM
Mark Lavelle

Thanks! I just may try a 12, since all my amps are 2x6V6 or less...
7/21/2005 11:09 PM

Well Mark, if you haven't put in your order yet you're too late!  
I ordered two of these yesterday, and the July Specials webpage noted that the ceramic Sig 12S models were sold out. Today the page notes that all the 12's are sold out. Yikes! I hope my order was in before they sold out.  
I may get a couple of the ceramic 10's too to put in a Super Reverb that has four alnico CTS's now. I want to mix some ceramics in with the alnicos, and was going to go with the 10F150, but for 30 bucks each I may just go with the Signature series.
7/22/2005 5:30 AM
Mark Lavelle

Oh well, there's plenty of other stuff to spend money on... ;)
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