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cathode resistor trimmers/pots

5/25/2005 2:07 AM
cathode resistor trimmers/pots
I was reading TUT again and O'Connor mentions that for best clean sustain, the plate voltage should be 1/2V+. (Like how we bias our FETs etc... for stompboxes). It makes sense to me, but before I install pots for my cathode resistors, have you guys tried this?  
He also mentions that when Ik is a "high value, 1mA or more, the output swing/dynamic range can be maximized". The sound should be "warm", "smooth" or "sweet".  
He has a chart which shows that basically @ 300V V+, to get 1m5 IA, you use a 100K plate resistor and 470 ohm Rk (cathode resistor). This will give you 150V at the plate (so basically 1/2V+).  
Has anyone tried these smaller value resistors for the cathode? Does it sound warmer? I guess I will try it.  
Hope everyone is doing fine. I haven't posted in a while.  
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