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effects loop level question

2/26/2005 10:16 AM
bozo effects loop level question
Hi. This is potentially a very stupid question, but then again i'm a bozo so what do you expect? :)  
I have a peavey classic 30 and a boss vf1 multi effects, which is a 1/2 rack size DSP. In the classic 30 manual it says "-6 nominal" for both send and return. The boss has a switch on the back for +4 or -20. I have tried both and the volume of the amp changes when you flip the switch, but i don't notice any tonal difference because i cannot really test it at home where volumes must stay below 1-1 and 1/2 or eviction processes will begin. And when playing out it's hard to really A/B it. The input level meter on the DSP shows no clipping or too little signal because it has an input knob that can be adjusted. I think either setting is fine, but just for peace of mind i thought i'd post here and get the opinions of some of you. So which one.......+4 or -20?
2/26/2005 6:15 PM
Bob DeRosa
Since you have that input knob on the FX unit you're right - either setting is fine.
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