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Re: Univalve Schematic Anyone?

3/3/2005 9:34 PM
Re: Univalve Schematic Anyone?
I had one to fix but couldn't get a schematic either. I drew up most of it except the cap values I couldn't see. (As it turned out it had a fried transformer and it went back to THD under warranty anyway.) Its not on my computer but if you have any specific questions I could probably answer them.
3/4/2005 9:53 PM
What did the preamp look like on it? It has 2 it 3 preamp stages and a CF?  
3/6/2005 5:55 AM

Rick, The roll input goes volume-gain stage-CF-tone controls-gain stage. The final gain stage has a variable shelving filter called attitude. The leftover triode is used as an extra first stage by the rock channel, which just meets up with the roll channel at the volume control.
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