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Gar Gillies (Garnet Amps) Book

1/27/2005 10:52 AM
Mark Hammer Gar Gillies (Garnet Amps) Book
I was looking at the Garnet Amps site and they had an announcement of a Gar Gilllies-penned book on amps.  
For those who wish to add it to their collection of Kevin O'Connor,Dave Funk, Aspen Pittman, Jack Darr, and Gerald Weber books, you can find out more here: -  
I have no idea about the content, but Gar has a lifetime of doting over amps intended to last and to sound exactly as the musician imagines. As someone NOT intending to ramp up business (unlike a certain someone with the initials DT), you can probably expect the hyperbole to be kept to a minimum, and the wisdom to be in large quantity.
1/27/2005 5:04 PM
Mr. Droopy-Drawers

I helped 'a little' with that book, and did a lot of the drawings. What you get is a systematic go through of an amplifier circuit, and how Gar tweaks each stage. There is a whole chapter on modding Fender and Marshall amplifiers, as well as a few circuit 'tricks'. There is also a lot of 'poor man's' circuit building, back from the war years when you couldn't buy many parts. And, making whatever parts you could get your hands on do a needed function. It's hard to say what is in the book without giving it away, so you'll just have to read it yourself. Oh, and you get every Garnet schematic imaginable.
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
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1/28/2005 10:51 AM
Mark Hammer
Well, DD, on behalf of the many, I salute you. It is an honourable role you have fulfilled. I'm sure it must have been a pleasure to work with Gar.  
Whiloe I have your attention, I "rescued" an amp from the garbage the other day that somebody had left out. Although it is a solid state amp, and goes by the name "Harmony GS-20", the rear of the chassis is legended with manufacturer of origin as Garnet Amplification in Winnipeg. I'd like to augment the simple control complement it currently has. Any idea where I could score a schem?
1/28/2005 4:20 PM
Umm, Mr. Droopy Drawers?
This is a long shot, but have you heard of Velvetone amps? I've got one that I can't find any info on. It says CSA approved, so I'm guessing it's Canadian made. It's the President model (gotta love that), and I saw one on Ebay that was the Diplomat model. Mine's a single 12" combo, PTP, EF86 preamp, along with a couple of 12AX7's, and 2 EL-84 power tubes. It's got some kind of crazy powered reverb tank in the bottom, with an AC cord that plugs into the bottom of the chassis.  
The reverb doesn't work, and I've always thought about rewiring it to be an AC-15 clone, but I'd love to find a schematic, and tune it up stock to see what it's supposed to sound like. I do occasional Google searches, but I never find anything. If anyone has any info on these amps, I'd appreciate hearing it!  
2/12/2005 6:44 PM
Re: Gar Gillies (Garnet Amps) Book
I've just received my copy of Gar's book and it's very interesting.  
Some new ideas - gets you thinking about trying some different circuits.  
1/27/2005 6:15 PM

Geez, it sounds interesting.
1/28/2005 4:39 PM
Mr. Droopy-Drawers

OK, I have been collecting CSA Approval numbers for a little but, and here is what very little I can tell you.  
According to Gar, no matter how many 'stencil' amplifiers he made (with MANY names other than Garnet), CSA only gave him one 'Approval' number. Our friend Pete Thiessen (of also has been collecting name badges from all the other Garnet stencil amplifiers. I've been collecting the numbers of 'other' Canadian amplifiers.  
Gar's CSA Approval was LR24510. That means if you see amplifiers labeled Russel, United, Zak, and others, they were all made by Garnet.  
The Velvetone amplifier Neal has will have the CSA number LR11639, and was made by Keil. They also made 'Regal'.  
Look for the CSA number near the fuse holder or the On/Off switch. The Harmony is a mystery. If it has a CSA number, it was made here. I'll ask Gar about it, and chances are he'll know. He is still pretty sharp, and has a lot of stories of attending trade shows with these other builders. Some are very funny, but unfortunately not fit for repeating in mixed company.
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