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Is this the correct place for a standby switch?

1/9/2005 6:06 PM
daz Is this the correct place for a standby switch?  
that link will open a jpg of part of the classic 30 P/S. I put a red X where i believe a sp/st standby switch could be inserted. Am i correct, or just a bumbling idiot? Wait......forget the second part of the question. :)
1/9/2005 8:06 PM
Wild Bill

Daz, looks to me like you'll still have B+ to the plates as the switch would come after that tap.  
---Wild Bill
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1/9/2005 8:19 PM
daz well...
i see what you mean, but the classic 50 schematic which has a standby shows it in the same place i put it. could it be that peavey put an incorrect standby in the 50 that only functions as a switch to quiet the amp instead of keeping the tubes from wearing too? So how would i do it? Would i need to put the switch right between the plates and the 332 volt supply that comes right after the rectifier?
1/10/2005 9:46 AM
daz Ok, how bout this ?
Am i correct in assuming that a correct standby switch is nothing more than disconnecting the plates from the P/S? If so, thats all i need to know to do it.  
I would howver like to know what you call a 3 position switch that would be DP/DT with one side that has common and one of the poles connected in center and one of the other positions, and the other side of the switch the opposite. this is what i believe i'll need to replace the power switch with a single switch that will give me off/standby/on. What would the described switch be called?
1/11/2005 9:33 PM
Steve A.

daz said:  
What would the described switch be called?  
    Her friends call her Gertrude. Oops... wrong joke! That is commonly called a Progressive Switch and I ordered a few last year from:  
Dave West  
4583 Comanche Drive  
Okemos, MI 48864  
    As I recall the progressive switches are a bit pricey ($12-$16) and a regular center-off DPDT toggle switch will work just fine (even though the logic of the user interface is mixed up a bit: standby-off-on)  
Steve Ahola
1/10/2005 3:30 PM
Re: Is this the correct place for a standby switch?
put the switch after the bridge, but b4 the first filter cap. good place for it. good luck!!  
1/10/2005 3:53 PM
daz So.......
Basically you're saying that all voltage should be shut off except for the filiments?
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