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O.E.I (plexi o.t.) vs. Mercury Magnetics (plexi o.t.)

1/2/2005 4:32 PM
glen O.E.I (plexi o.t.) vs. Mercury Magnetics (plexi o.t.)
What would be the differnces between these to o.t.'s? Other than the O.E.I. is about $130.00 or so and the Mercury Magnetics is $250.00. I've heard they are both good. I also talked to a guy at Voodoo Amps and he said the O.E.I sounds good but they could'nt keep up production. What it sounded like to me was, the O.E.I sounds better. but they have soo many amps to mod and repair that they needed to use M.M. because they could supply the o.t.'s.Keep in mind he did say they both sounded great! Just different from each other.Also everyone will have their own opinion .I use to notice plexi palace,voodoo amps,toneman and alot of other people use to use the O.E.I. plexi type o.t. and do not anymore. maybe this is the same reason I'm not interested in paying over$100.00 for a o.t. that isn't better than a less expinsive one. If O.E.I. are still selling the plexi o.t.'s I think I will order one from them. Please give your opinions on these o.t.'s . Thanks!
1/2/2005 4:57 PM
Re: O.E.I (plexi o.t.) vs. Mercury Magnetics (plexi o.t.
If you are able, go w/ the OEI for sure. In a 100W 'Plexi' 100W pwr. amp (no pre), I went from a Hammond 1605N to an OEI and the difference was dramatic! That is a great sounding chunk of iron! OEI!  
From what I've gathered, the MM is very similar in tonality but has a little more 'grind' to it. Question is, is it enough 'grind' that you would prefer to have that one tranny over spending an additional $10 more for two great ones?
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1/2/2005 7:17 PM
Don't know who told you we could not "keep up production" but that's simply not true and never has been. Sales are up again this year so someone must be using them. ;) Shipping was a problem for a while in 2003 but then we took over shipping them ourselves and things have been fine since then. We have all models in stock currently and have never stopped making them.  
Plexi palace has never (afaik) used OEI. It's not like they did and stopped.. The folks that got mentioned as "clients" mostly never were. That's as much space as I'm going to waste on answering rumors.  
Anyhow, tone wise I will try and keep this unbiased as much as possible. The 50W MM has a smooth more compressed vibe (I have not heard one myself, but this is what I get told by others who have tested both). The 50W OEI has more punch and dynamics. I've not heard any feedback about the 100W MM; the 100W OEI is much like the 50W, very punchy and clear. I like the punchier, older Marshall tone - and it probably shows in how the OT's sound. AC/DC, Aerosmith, Hendrix..
1/2/2005 8:00 PM
Thanks a million SpeedRacer! I will be ordering a 100 watt "plexi" O.E.I. output transformer. sounds like what I'm looking for. Also I didn't know if those were rumors or not. those are things that I was told and things I heard. That's why I was posting here and asking.I don't want anyone to take anything the wrong way, I didn't say anything negative. I just wanted to let that be known. Thanks!
1/3/2005 12:14 AM
Dai Hirokawa

FWIW, compared to the one it replaced (JCM800 stock 50W OT), my OEI has more clarity in the distortion (seemed like what I heard at this guy's house from his genuine vintage 100W Marshall), and more chime, sort of. Also, IIRC, they are built tougher than originals on purpose (the mounting was exactly the same--no modification needed to the chassis--but I think the OEI looked a bit fatter side by side w/the replaced one (means thicker wire used inside?)), which is also appealing to me, since "on 10" is the normal setting.
1/4/2005 7:26 AM
Probably more people have tried/used the MM so you you'll probably find more favorable reviews of it than the OEI (just a guess). You know how people are; they may have only tried one brand of strings their whole life but "D'Addario are the best strings!". How would they know? I've got an OEI 50W OT and I am very pleased with it. I've also got a MM 100W OT in a MV/channel-switcher thingie and I'm happy with it.  
But $130 vs. $250. Easy. $250 is a rude price for that unless it's handwound by Simcha himself. Don't get sucked into the "it must be better cause it's more expensive" fallacy. Just look at the reviews at HC and you'll see that many people do.
1/29/2005 5:09 PM
Chris @ CMW amps

Hi Matt and all  
Just a few extra words from a dutch company purchasing USA iron :)  
Both OEI and MM are just amazing sounding & feeling transformers. Like Trace@VoodooAmps I do need more then just "some Marshall OTs" and do use MercuryMagnetics OTs, PTs and chokes during the last year and it's also a matter of taste just like guitarPUs.  
Joe from OEI has always been very helpfull and he and his OEI-team are always working on excellent customer-service for a reasonable price.  
Let your ears decide; both OEI & MM do beat about every post '69 Marshall OT imho.  
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