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Hiwatt tips?

11/22/2004 11:00 PM
Carl Gigun
Hiwatt tips?
I'm doing a hiwatt DR103 clone for a good friend as a back up amp for his beautiful original so I thought I'd see if anyone had tips about tubes, caps etc that work well in these amps. Obviously the transformer set is unobtanium, so I'm going to use hammonds and we both know it won't exactly recreate the sound of his amp. This guy likes a loud, smooth, clear tone, not grit or grind. He doesn't like the marshall + celestion sound. He doesn't really like fenders either, he just wants another Hiwatt. ;)  
Any tube recommendations or other experiences would be welcome,  
11/23/2004 4:25 AM
Chris @ CMW amps

Hi Carl  
Tubes: Ruby or TAD EL34B-STRs  
Iron : Hiwatt replica's made by ( California ) or ( Germany ). The Partridge transformers do sound excellent and are needed for the real Hiwatt sound, smooth and bell like.  
The outputtransformers make 50% of the sound, circuit and voltages the other 50% imho.  
Hope this helps,  
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11/23/2004 6:06 AM
Carl Gigun

Thanks Chris, I didn't know the shinrock transformer was available. I emailed them about the price + shipping to canada, their website really needs to be updated.  
I looked at the mercury magnetics set before, but I don't think my friend will go for a $570 transformer set over a $150 hammond set. I'll certainly show him the options though. If he got only the OT from MM that's still about $340 for iron, but he's not a poor man so that might sound better to him than me ;)  
Where do the ruby and TAD tubes come from? I don't have his amp here yet so I don't know what tubes he's using right now.  
11/23/2004 7:14 AM
Sound City?
Have you thought about picking up an old Sound City if you can find one at a decent price?  
Big old Partridge trannies, chassis, and box all ready for a Hiwatt conversion!  
When I get the time that's what I'm gonna do to my 120R.
11/23/2004 9:06 AM
Steve L

I wonder who is making the trannies for Reeves Amplification?
11/23/2004 11:16 AM
anonymous Most Excellent UK-Made Transformers
11/23/2004 11:17 AM
Chris @ CMW amps
Re: Hiwatt tips?
Hi Carl  
Email me at for some more info about the transformers.  
Afaik ( hey, I'm located in the Netherlands :) ) MojoTone and MissionAmps do carry TAD tubes. TAD is located in Germany and the founder did invent the Ruby/TAD-testing of tubes. They do test/sell tubes from several factories with their specs/wishes and they're the best modern tubes you can get IMHO.  
The SoundCity option is great too, I've also seen partridge transformers in Orange/Matamp and Selmer amps.  
Good luck!  
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