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What type of Wire for Amp Project?

8/13/2004 6:52 PM
What type of Wire for Amp Project?
I want to build a Matchless Spitfire clone and need to know what type of hookup wire to purchase. What guages, types and brands do you recommend?
8/13/2004 9:19 PM

I get most of my wire from McMaster-Carr  
For cathodes and grounds I use solid 20 ga. 300v wire.  
For filaments I use solid 18 ga. 300v wire. You could probably get away with using solid 20 ga. 300v wire as well for the Spitfire.  
For high voltage leads I use solid 20 ga. 600v wire.  
For leads to grids I use 20-22 ga. 300v. I used to use shielded RG-174U, but have gotten away from it lately. You can get away with using unshielded wire in lower gain designs if you follow good lead dress practices.  
do a search on "hook up wire" (w/out the quotation marks)  
Some people swear by stranded teflon wire from Apex Jr: but I've never personally used their wire.  
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8/19/2004 10:59 AM
Use 16 gauge for filaments, 18-20 gauge for everything else. Cheap solid core hookup wire from Radio Shack is quit good. I prefer and use Teflon insulated solid silver wire, but it may not be your bag.  
Keep in mind that filament wires should be twisted to minimize hum and solid core keeps it's twist better than stranded.
8/23/2004 3:07 AM
PeteRH telfon solid wire brittle?
I have been using a teflon 22ga solid but have experienced wire breaking from lifting and modifying the board a lot. The fender style cloth covered solid wire are surviving the rough treatment and does not seem to be anywhere as brittle. Anyone else experience this sort of problem?  
DD, where do you buy the silver wire wire from? Does it have a grade or % silver?  
Do you find it brittle or does it break easy?  
8/23/2004 12:42 PM

Unless it is some hi fi weirdness, it is silver plated copper wire in a teflon insulator, not solid sillver.  
I haven't found it brittle, but if you are flexing it enough for noticed breaks, there is probably a whole lot more damaged, but unnoticed.  
8/24/2004 4:31 AM
My teflon solid core is silver plated copper... same as the cloth covered stuff.  
I had a prototype board with 50% of each type coming to one side. Most of the teflon wires have broken at some stage whereas the cloth covered stuff is fine.  
I assumed the wire was brittle but some scientific testing today(......yeah see how many times you can bend a wire before it breaks) show one is no better than the other. 9 to 11 bends OK.  
However some more testing showed that my teflon wire stripper was actually just cutting/nicking the wire. After two bends it breaks on the cut line. I never use that wire stripper on the cloth stuff!!!  
I know.....never Assume.  
I wont worry about buying the silver stuff....just a better set of wire strippers.  
8/24/2004 6:04 PM
I buy solid silver wire from:  
The purer is solid copper or silver the more brittle it will be. For that reason I prefer 18-19 gauge wire.
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