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different EH Memory Man schem

4/23/2005 7:49 PM
Wild Bill
different EH Memory Man schem
A friend gave me an old EH Deluxe Memory Man to fix. I went googling for a schematic and what I found doesn't match.  
This unit doesn't use MN3005's - it has SAD1024's.  
There's no sign of a 4047 clock chip. There are scads of RC4558 dual op amps.  
It uses the pass transistor voltage regulator but not a 2n6111 but rather a 2n6290. This in itself is no big deal - the circuit is regulating ok but to -20 volts instead of -15!  
There's no delay or effects at all. The dry signal comes through ok.  
The output pins on the opamps are sitting near the -20 volt rail, which I'm guessing is a real bad sign! :(  
Any hints or ideas?  
---Wild Bill
4/24/2005 3:10 AM

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