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Tube Works, Real Tube pedal.

3/19/2005 2:12 PM
Tube Works, Real Tube pedal.
Just scored a Tube Works Real Tube pedal!  
I got it secondhand for a very reasonable price and I can honestly say that it far exceeded my expectations.  
I must admit that I was kind of bummed-out when I opened up the case and found out that the tube infact doesn't run on high voltage but is fed 12volts via the 120/12volt transformer, and there's a TL072 opamp and some transistors in there for distortion. I already have a Tonebone Classic that works on this "starved plate" scheme and I was hoping that since this Real Tube pedal had a 120volt power cord attached to the enclosure rather than an external walwart, that it was running its 12AX7 tube at full plate voltage like some of the high-end tube pedals out there, but that just wasn't the case unfortunately.  
But on the up side, it sounds great anyway, so I guess that's the main thing to be concerned about. Infact, this thing may be putting my Tonebone Classic(which was way more money) on the backburner, the sound of this Real Tube is less artificial sounding and has a lot more bottom end, it really sounds like a dirty tube amp grinding away, nice and crunchy. BTW, I'm playing this through a Fender Twin Reverb or a Peavey Classic 50/410 set on the clean channel.  
Depending on where you have the controls set on the Real Tube, you can get some very organic, tube-like vintage tones. It sounds to me a lot like the raunchy fuzzy-tube grind on the early ZZ Top albums. Sweet vintage tube tone indeed and it's quite a dynamic pedal too.  
This one is a keeper, like I said, it's probably going to be my #1 Overdrive pedal out of about a dozen that I own.  
Do any of you out there use this pedal too?
3/20/2005 9:05 AM

I've tried one and it sounded pretty nice but I liked the Tube King a little better and the Chandler overdive. Theres not many all tube boxes out there that are ALL tube. Most have some SS incorporated into them. One that is all tube as far as signal flow is the Peavey Rockmaster which is discontinued now but you can find them on fleabay for about $125.00. I got one from a guy on the Peavey Forum that was in mint condition and it is a really nice pre for the bucks. Three channels of all tube and I'm modding it now to take the peavey out of it. I'm putting a Fender clean and Marshall distortion to it. It has active eq that really alters the gain quite a bit and a presence control on the clean. SS however does have it's good in boxes as they sound nice thru tube amps as long as you run them in front and not thru the loop. You won't get even order harmonics from them but virtual tone simulation of the notch in the output waveform. IMO you can only get awesome even order with power tube distortion and a multi-speaker setup. It's just night and day from preamp and tubebox distortion at low volumes.,  
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