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Opamp used in Tokai TOD-1 Overdrive pedal.

3/13/2005 12:01 PM
Opamp used in Tokai TOD-1 Overdrive pedal.
I just picked up a used Tokai TOD-1 Overdrive yesterday, I figure it's a relic from the early eighties.  
It's made in Japan, has bullet-proof construction like a Boss pedal and sounds very much like a good TubeScreamer clone. I was curious as to what type of opamp they used and it turns out that it's a "6458D" eight leg opamp, anybody familiar with this line of pedals or with this particular opamp?
3/14/2005 11:08 AM
Steve Dallman

On some foreign site the 6458D is listed as the equivalent to either a 4558 or a 1458.  
Tokai had some excellent pedals in the early 80's. I tried to find their enhancer pedal after trying it at the '83 NAMM show, but couldn't find a dealer. They were also making very high quality copies of Fenders and Gibsons.
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