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Just finished Germanium Fuzz, ooooh really nice!

2/18/2005 6:55 PM
Just finished Germanium Fuzz, ooooh really nice!
I just finished up my latest fuzz, it's a Germanium FuzzFace with added tone knob for the input cap. I also used a 100k Audio pot instead of the traditional 500k pot for the volume control.  
I built this FuzzFace with a pair of N.O.S. NKT 275 Germanium transistors that I bought off of a guy on ebay. I can honestly say that this is the best vintage-style fuzz that I've ever played, wow!  
The extra expense for those NKT 275s was well worth it. By setting the volume knob on my guitar about halfway, the sound is quite clean with just a tiny hint of dirt but as you slowly turn the volume knob up to maximum you get this enormous range of fuzz tones, all kinds of shades of fat cholesterol. At maximum, it almost sounds like a BigMuff!  
I'm just too happy with this one, I built another all-Germanium FuzzFace last year which I really like but this latest one is the real deal.  
Jimi-approved tone. I wish I could post some pics but I don't have any right yet. I'll have to get a friend with a digital camera to come over sometime.
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