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Found a way to use my Treble Booster with Fuzz.

6/22/2004 4:20 PM
Humbucker Found a way to use my Treble Booster with Fuzz.
I recently built an all Germanium FuzzFace clone but when I put a RangeMaster clone in front of it it sounded like a miniture radio.  
I took the Germanium transistor out of the RangeMaster clone and put a 2N3906 in it's place and replaced the 10K 'Boost" pot with a 25K pot and wow!!! did that ever fix things!  
So now I can go from Hendrix when using the Fuzzface alone to Black Sabbath by using both pedals at the same time.  
I don't know why it sounded so tinny with the 10K pot but putting in the 25K makes this duo sound like a fire breather. Hope this helps any newbies out there like me. 8^)  
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