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DOD Compression/Sustainer

5/19/2004 1:13 PM
DOD Compression/Sustainer
Saw this in the same Pawn shop where I got the FX50. I can Probably get it for $20, they want $50.  
Opinions on this one? Comparisons to others of same type?  
5/20/2004 8:05 AM
Mark Hammer

There is a remarkable similarity in the design of many stompbox compressors, with most of them having any of maybe 3 or 4 basic structures.  
*All* compressors share in common the need to be placed as near the start of a signal chain as possible to avoid the boosting of hiss during the quiet parts that invariably occurs when placed too far near the end of the signal chain.  
All stompbox compressors also share the attribute that sometimes the fixed attack/decay parameters they have selected for their design are a good match to your instrument and playing style, and sometimes they are a better match to a different instrument and playing style. The good news is that the internal designs are so similar many times that it is easy to identify which components to change and what values might work better.  
This is the long way of saying "If you can get it for $20, buy it and we'll figure out how to make it better later on". $20 is a decent price to pay for a machined, painted, and legended metal box with a switch, jacks and battery compartment. BTW, what is the model number?
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5/20/2004 8:15 AM
Steve Dallman

Depends whether or not you like DOD pedals. The price is where a used DOD pedal should be.  
I used to use an MXR Dynacomp on my bass having two Boss compressors and a few other pedals. When I switched to a 5 string, the low B over compressed with the MXR. I found a DOD bass compressor for cheap and it was perfect. Since then I've aquired more compressors and limiters, but the DOD remains my favorite for bass.  
The weaknesses in DOD pedals (having about 20 or more of them here at home) is the battery hatch, the use of an 1/8" jack for the power (both of these have been improved in newer models) and resale. The tone controls in some of the distortion pedals are not too well voiced. Their use of stupid euphamisms for some of the controls was pretty lame.  
But aside from these, the components are on a par with Boss and Ibanez and the designs are decent.  
Getting schematics can be difficult at times.  
I'd get it. What can you get for $20 these days?
5/20/2004 9:04 AM

Thanks for the input!  
I neither like or dislike DOD pedals. But I do like cheap gear! A good way to try stuff out. I seem to see more DOD stuff used than anything else, probably a reason for that.  
I also agree with you on the battery hatches. Out of the half dozen I have owned, I have only lost one. I have also heard alot of stories about failing foot switches. Haven't personally experienced that yet.  
There is also a DS-1 sitting in there too. We'll see what kind of a deal I can make.  
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