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3/7/2004 7:40 AM
Stephen Giles Spam...........fuzz.........
Spam Spam Spam Spam ....  
Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz ....!!!!!!
3/7/2004 7:45 AM
Stephen Giles
Having read through some of the crazy posts on the "Japanese Guitar Effects Book" over at Aron's site it's made me think that perhaps one shouldn't refer to "Fuzz" boxes in case it offends the Fuzzywuzzies or....perish the thought - someone else on their behalf, which it seems to me is the basis on which PC claptrap was built up!
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3/9/2004 7:36 AM
but if we don't converse on fuzzes, what else can we talk about?
3/9/2004 12:29 PM
Stephen Giles
Thru zero flangers, thru zero phasers, need I say more?
3/9/2004 4:59 PM
A Colman

Yes Gilly old chap,I know what you mean but can't expect everybody to feel the same now,can you?.  
How's that Tango dancing coming along,have you met Robert Duvall yet?.  
And now for something completely diferent........  
Say no mo,know wha I meen,winkwink,nudgenudge  
Just pulling your chain...  
3/10/2004 7:59 AM
Oh, those.  
Actually, I'm waiting to see what comes after you're through with the TZ effects... ;)
3/10/2004 8:07 AM
Mark Hammer
Could a through-zero phaser even exist? And would it make a difference? The number of audible notches produced by flanging depends on the amount of delay applied, whereas in the case of phasers the number of notches is constant - only their frequency location changes. In the case of TFZ, reducing the delay produces a virtual whole-signal cancellation effect as one crosses over the zero-point, and more audible notches as the delay time increases.  
In the case of phasing, sweeping the control elements would never alter the amount of phase shift applied, merely where it starts. Since the effect intensity is partly a function of the number of notches *heard*, sweeping "high" enough will make some of the notches produced (and let's work from the assumption that it is at least an 8-stager generating 4 notches) inaudible. From a practical standpoint, that means that as it descends from its highest sweep-point, it may go from maybe 2 audible notches to 3 then 4 as it sweeps down. That *sort of* mimics what happens to a flanger, but not quite.  
Am I missing something, or is there a tug on my lug that I overlooked?
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