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New build problems

4/9/2006 2:30 PM
New build problems
I just finished a new 5E3 with 5881s and a Hoffman style board and have run into a few problems.  
1. The voltage is low. I am reading 330 on pins 8 and 2 0f the rectifier(GZ34)however when I remove the power tubes (5881) it reads 410 volts.  
2. The screen voltage at pin 4 of the power tubes is reading approximately 10 volts higher than the plate voltage at pin 3.  
3. When I turn on the amp there is no sound-- not even the faintest hiss.  
I have swapped all tubes with known good ones and ran a signal tracer through the whole circuit everything seems fine-- but obviously is not.  
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
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