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This one's for Bruce!

4/7/2006 11:30 AM
Wild Bill
This one's for Bruce!
Some months ago Bruce Collins turned me on to the joys of the cowbell. In the hands of a master it's an instrument of amazing versatility.  
While it can require literally years of dedicated practice to become a true cowbell virtuoso, the sonic bliss generated by a cowbell in the hands of such a player is well worth it!  
So imagine my joy when I stumbled across this new CD release: "MAXIMUM COWBELL".  
I'm still puzzled why it wasn't featured prominently at the top of the display unit but hey, everyone knows you can't get good help nowadays.  
Anyhow, it's on the Sony BMG label (shameless plug I know but I'm sure those Ampagers who have heard a cowbell played through a tube amp will forgive me) and here's the track list:  
1. Blue Oyster Cult -"Don't Fear the Reaper"  
2. Mountain -"Mississippi Queen"  
3. Loverboy -"Working For the Weekend"  
4. Twisted Sister -"We're Not Gonna Take It"  
5. War -"Low Rider"  
6. Wild Cherry -"Play that Funky Music"  
7. Santana -"Evil Ways"  
8. Nilsson -"Coconut"  
9. Electric Light Orchestra -"Evil Woman"  
10. The Chambers Brothers -"Time Has Come Today"  
11. Elvis Presley -"Burning Love"  
12. Blood,Sweat & Tears -"Spinning Wheel"  
13. Ted Nugent -"Free-For-All"  
14. Argent -"Hold Your Head Up"  
15. The Alan Parsons Project -"Games People Play"  
16. The Edgar Winter Group -"Frankenstein"  
I know Ampage is not for CD reviews but I just couldn't bear the thought of anyone missing out! The CD actually exists (you can check any online CD store).  
How I could have forgotten that not only was there a cowbell in some of these songs but that the lead parts were so amazing?  
If anyone has any experience with tweaking an amp for cowbell and would like to start a thread perhaps tboy could be kind enough to give us our own forum.  
Regards All!  
---Wild Bill
4/7/2006 12:15 PM
Steve A.
    I ran out and bought that album, figuring that it was unaccompanied solo cowbell, but darned that they also included the vocals and instrumental parts. :(  
    Are there any albums out there that feature nothing but cowbell, with none of the distracting vocal and instrumental parts?  
Steve Ahola
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
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4/7/2006 1:42 PM

Steve Ahola wrote:  
"Are there any albums out there that feature nothing but cowbell, with none of the distracting vocal and instrumental parts?"  
Do you mean "acowbella" cow bell music???  
4/7/2006 3:17 PM
You all are sick, but I like it!  
Head East -  
Never Been Any Reason  
Alice Cooper -  
Cold Ethyl  
Bad Company had a good one too.  
I made up a mix CD of cowbell songs a few years ago that included many of those listed earlier and the two above as well, and a few others. It was inspired by the Christopher Walken (Bruce Dickingson" BOC "Gotta Have More Cowbell" skit from Saturday night live. That was hilarious. I have seen it floating around on the net.
4/7/2006 1:23 PM
Re: This one's for Bruce!
#17 but it should be #1:  
Stone Free by the Jimi Hendrix Exeprience  
Now waiting for the 1st (Mission Amps) Cowbell amp :D  
4/7/2006 10:48 PM
dai h.

everybody deserves some good cowbell...
4/10/2006 8:13 AM
Andrew M
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