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Anyone tried the Vanamps Reverbamate with their 5E3?

12/24/2005 12:07 PM
kluson guy Anyone tried the Vanamps Reverbamate with their 5E3?
This 'verb is getting some good reviews. I'm wondering how well it works with a 5E3?
12/24/2005 11:13 PM

Well the description leads me to believe it's not tubes, but it's probly a real nice Reverb.  
I build one might be real close, the CA Stage Center Reverb, 2x 9v powering opamps for driving transducer and recovery, 2knobs, tank...I love it, spring reverbs are natural sounding. EZ Build for 5e3 veteran...  
5e3 sounds great with reverb, I prefer springs for the pure reverb vibe, but often end up going with digital verbecho, [recent Echo Park acquisition] just cause it covers alot of ground in a pedal.
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12/25/2005 7:09 AM
Rick Adams
I noticed that the longest dimension on the unit is ten inches, which doesn't give you room for a full size Accutronics tank.
12/25/2005 7:44 AM

Short...Like mine, which uses a medium delay, short tank, made by Accutronics. Doesn't do Heavy surf Sound.  
I think it's the only easily available with an spring driver transducer that gets powered by a common opamp.
12/25/2005 9:45 AM
Dai H.

*I think* I saw a picture of one of those opened up sometime ago and IIRC it was in fact solid-state and no tubes. But maybe it still sounds good?
12/26/2005 9:12 AM

Fwiw, i use a Holy Grail with me Tweed Deluxe and i'm in love with the sound...  
My fiance and 10 year old seem to dig it too!  
12/26/2005 1:16 PM
Hey Pete...
Any chance of me having a look at your 'verb schem?
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