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Story on the new Mission AC15/ Tweed Deluxe Hybrid?

12/7/2005 6:06 PM
Story on the new Mission AC15/ Tweed Deluxe Hybrid?
This amp sounds REALLY interesting. Ok, Bruce, it's time to confess.
12/8/2005 12:45 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

The new chrome chassis will be ready to pickup on Thursday afternoon....  
I decided to go volume, treble, bass and master volume with a small switch somewhere on the underside to kick up the mids a notch if needed.  
The circuit board layout is done, OTs are here and the power trannys were ordered three weeks ago, set to be shipped in another week or so.  
I'm still thinking it's a 6V6/6L6 amp but we messed with an adapter plate idea and using EL84s too... like the world needs another nasaly, screechin' monkey, 18 watt EL84 amp, ... sorry Johnny. ;)  
I just have to build one from start to finish to prove it now! ha ha  
Will it be a kit? I don't know yet... TBA  
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12/8/2005 7:16 AM
Jef any relation to the Voxy Lady?
Is there some kind of relationship with the Voxy Lady? I understand that the former AX84 Voxy Lady project was also your creation, Bruce?  
12/8/2005 9:49 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Yes, the VoxyLady was my contribution to the AX84 forum many years ago and yes, this project is related to the VoxyLady... you dog ;)  
12/8/2005 3:24 PM
Dave H
Re: Story on the new Mission AC15/ Tweed Deluxe Hybrid?
"like the world needs another nasaly, screechin' monkey, 18 watt EL84 amp, ... "
Yeah, but does it need another ever so soft and sweet, testosterone deficient 6V6 amp? :)  
My 5E3 is nice at home but she’s far too polite to take play out at the pub with the boys. I keep her out of harm’s way in the trunk, just in case the 18 watt breaks down. ;)  
12/8/2005 3:31 PM
Dave H
Make that 'far too polite to play out...'
12/9/2005 12:36 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Uh Oh, Controversy brewing... :)
The 5E3 at +10 watts output is not really a fair comparison to an in your face, Marshally 18 watt EL84 amp. Especially when they are tuned to that gainey squeezed tonezone above 180Hz, glassy at 1500Hz on up to shrillness at 2.5KHz and above.  
Listen to one of those 18 watters in an open back 12" cabinet like the tweed Deluxe uses and you'll hear what I mean.  
However, this new amp using two 6V6s, which always sound more violin/singing like to me, ... will be a rockin' dog and have a pissed of attitude if wanted with a little bit of that AC15/AC30, plucky, spread out tone with out the shrillness.  
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