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Please proof this layout

12/5/2005 4:09 PM
Please proof this layout
Here is my modified Layout. Can some one please let me me know if the changes will work. Mainly the input section, both triode wiring and the tone and volume control wiring  
12/5/2005 4:31 PM

You link doesn't work because of the trailing "]".  
There are a couple of things that should be corrected.  
1) You need a ground at the junction of the two 220K's that go the the 6V6 grids or the tubes might melt.  
2) No connection to pin 2 of 12AX7#1. The wire that should go there is supposed to come from the volume/tone controls.  
3) The area is the dashed box doesn't make any sense. It probably won't do much.  
4) The two volume controls are connected in a mind numbing way that doesn't make any sense. Please explain what you are trying to do or start over.
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12/5/2005 9:50 PM

what i want to do is eliminate the tone control and have an amp with two inputs, each with independent volume controls. i have the amp built already "stock 5e3" but i would like to make the above mods. i am not so adept at reading scematics, so any help would be awesome.  
thanks, alan
12/6/2005 11:05 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Look at the front end of a 6G3 Brown Deluxe and the way the volume pots are wired.  
To do what you want, ....a mistake IMHO, just don't hook up the tone control to the volume pots.  
12/6/2005 1:34 PM

Thanks, is that all i have to modify is the inputs and tone/vol pots, or do i have to change other values?
12/6/2005 4:33 PM

I have one question, do i eliminate the wires going from the 220k resistors to both pin 6's of the 6v6 tubes?
12/6/2005 2:32 PM
Steve A.
I agree...
Bruce said:  
To do what you want, ....a mistake IMHO...  
    I don't think it is a good idea to remove the tone control from the 5E3 circuit.  
#1. It doesn't load down the signal like a Fender/Marshall tone stack.  
#2. It allows you to fine tune the tone to your preference. While you can use the tone control on your guitar to cut the highs, you will not be able to boost the highs (unless you wire in a possibly switchable bright cap across the volume control).  
    FWIW the Champ amp I'm building has a push-pull pot to add the tone control circuit from a 5F2A Princeton... the best of both worlds! So that might be an option here.  
Steve Ahola
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