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I smiles, thanks you, and asks forg...

11/21/2005 10:15 AM
I smiles, thanks you, and asks forg...
I smiles, thanks you, and asks forgiveness for newbie-ness.  
Because they look like input dividers, I think I'll try some 56k I happen to have right here there.  
I'll try to be more pre-studious, I've been reading all the fascinating articles, checking out the PICS and builds. Sometimes the bare elementals are hard to find, much of the texts are geared more toward final function than basic essentials, these basics can get quite buried...of course reading the parts values list, I see R/w values are circuit specific and not so 'basic'.  
I have been looking, also I'm certain you understand what opening a kit box can do for excitement levels...this is the day off I have to play with the new toy...mostly just offboard and final wiring now, I want to see what else I'll need before 6, when the local parts store ends business.
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