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beer spilled in amp

3/14/2005 3:08 PM
dave s
beer spilled in amp
I was surprised when my my amp suddenly stopped working at a gig saturday night -until I realized an entire beer had spilled into it.  
Much later that evening I took the chassis apart. Oddly the board didn't seem to get any fluid on it, but the tube sockets were soaked. No beer seemed to have reacehd the transformers either. So just the tube sockets(from the inside over the tube, into cab, etc).  
I've cleaned up the sockets and tubes and I'm asking for advice. Should I just stick the tubes back in and power up?  
Can anyone recommend a procedure>  
In case you're wondering, I probably won't set beers on this sort of amp anymore.
3/14/2005 3:52 PM
mark h

Try removing the the power tubes, check to make sure the fuse is the correct value for the amp, and that it hasn't blown. Power up the amp without the power tubes and make sure the fuse hasn't blown and the pre tubes are all lit. If this checks out, try the same proceedure with the power tubes in. If the fuse doesn't blow but the amp still doesn't work, you probably took out a tube or two. If it works, go to bed and rest easy! Good luck...M
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3/14/2005 4:24 PM

I've seen some with evidence of old beer damage which had never been corrected.  
Last week there was a Music Man with the solid-state preamp. This amp was built in a chassis just like a BF Fender but the cab was routed in front more like a tweed amp is routed in back. So any liquid does not drip around the front and go right into the chassis as much as it would on a BF or SF.  
However, there was still some damage and it looked like it could have been just from condensation from a cold drink, we do have relatively high humidity for part of the year.  
No doubt the liquid dripped onto the PCB through the screw threads of the handle, and landed right below the t-nuts on some socketed opamps which had then become corroded.  
I clean this kind of mineral deposit off by carefully washing the affected part of the PCB with distilled water, toothbrushing, then washing the water away immediately with alcohol, followed by drying with dry nitrogen or compressed air. The chassis is held at a slant so all the drippings can flow out one of the screw holes without coming near the sockets or any parts that could be potentially damaged by water or alcohol.  
If it was just fresh beer without any corrosion, plain alcohol might be OK by itself, remember no smoking!  
I guess keeping drinks off the top of amps is not just for Marshalls with vents any more ;)  
3/15/2005 1:48 PM
s2 /

I'm guilty too! I spilled one (poor little soldier) into my prototype chassis. Fortunately it was turned off. I rinsed the whole thing out in the sink and stuck it out in the garage for a week to dry. Turned it back on and it was fine.
3/15/2005 2:23 PM
Beer-holder mod
OK, who is going to be the first to mount a beer bottle or cup holder on the side of their 5E3? Clearly a mod designed to improve the operation of tweed Deluxes for some. :)
3/15/2005 3:21 PM
dave s back in business
Well, after very moderate cleaning - tubes and tube sockets - I'm back in business. What an amp. Thanks to everyone for their "reboot" suggestions.  
3/16/2005 8:38 AM
Rockin' Daddy
The guy that plays harp in my band has drink bouys mounted to the side of his RI Bassman. Just like the ones they put in boats. He has one on each side, one for water, one for beer.
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