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serviced 5C3 deluxe

12/22/2004 5:34 AM
serviced 5C3 deluxe
i just finished servicing a wide panel 5C3 deluxe amp for an aquaintence and it just doesn't seem right  
replaced all electrolytic caps and coupling caps (couldn't get the amp to bias and the pots were doing strange things losing volume part way) with the original astrons  
i have a nos 5y3 recto new groove tube 6v6's and original rca 6sc7 tubes with a reissue jensen p12q  
the amp is idling at 36ma but it just doesn't sound right it is very clean until you turn it up past 8 and it doesn't seem loud enough  
power and output tranny's are original all capacitors and resistor values are stock new power resistors 10k i left the original caps mounted on the pots  
any suggestion would be greatly appreciated  
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