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5e3 decal replica

6/10/2004 11:40 AM
Filippo Morelli
5e3 decal replica
Sorry for the not-so-technical question, but I've been looking for the inside paper decal that goes in the 5e3 chassis. Anyone know of where one can buy a reprint? It's the final detail on an otherwise awesome sounding amp.  
6/10/2004 12:26 PM
Ebay.Or better yet by some vintage looking paper and make your own made by you :)
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6/10/2004 12:37 PM
Filippo Morelli

Ebay -- I looked for both Fender 5e3 and Fender Deluxe. I didn't find one. Printing my own would be fine, if there was a PDF or something of the original print and some idea of what paper is in the right ballpark.  
6/10/2004 6:33 PM
If you are talking about the tube chart, I have it on my website. Go to the builders forum, look for it there. It would be nice if you stop in and say hi, while you are there....  
6/11/2004 12:51 PM
I made my own "vanity plate" version of the tube chart on a computer. I laid it out in MS Word and printed on a laser printer. The paper was some off-white, textured stock that I had left over from the last time I printed my resume. I attached it to the cab with spray-on adhesive.  
Check it out:  
Of course you could just as easily make it historically accurate, if that's what you prefer. I just decided to have a little fun with it.
6/11/2004 2:03 PM
ted m

hahaha, i was wondering who had the ones made after mine!!
6/11/2004 5:24 PM
Filippo Morelli

Yeah, I'm looking for a replica -- a copy of the original. I don't have an original, have no idea what it looks like. I figured someone out there must have a copy (and found paper that looks right) or someone sells the sheet. I thought ampwares might have it but I've had less than helpful experiences there.  
If anyone has any leads or helpful suggestions, I'm all ears!  
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