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Of course, I meant JCM 800. What does it sound like?

7/17/2004 4:12 AM
Boy Howdy
Of course, I meant JCM 800. What does it sound like?
Disregard the other thread please.  
I haven't owned a Marshall since the mid-80's, and haven't been able to afford one since then either. Because of that I haven't paid any attention to any of the later models.  
I recently bought a ADA MP-1 preamp and while I like it fine for clean, I don't really like it's distortion that much. It does great "modded" metal tones and decent low distortion tones, but anything in between is mediocre at best. I'm looking for more of a classic Seventies tones, I guess.  
There is a mod out there for the ADA that supposedly really nails the JCM 800 tone. I really liked the distorted tone from my old 1972 50-watter. I used a MXR Microamp to overdrive the front end.  
How would this tone differ from the JCM 800? Did I not once read that the 800 was based on Michael Schenker's Marshall, or his tone or something?
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