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rday night about 10 p.m.! I went to...

7/4/2004 3:07 AM
rday night about 10 p.m.! I went to...
rday night about 10 p.m.! I went to fire up my Mission amps 5E3 Tweed Delxe clone in the middle of making a new cab for it, and as can easily happen to a chassis that is not in its cab, when the tubes aren't removed, I broke the tab on the 5Y3 rectifier tube. Is it okay to put a GZ34 instead? How much chance of serious damage to the amp via transformer mismatch, etc?  
Really itching to hear this thing, since I mounted a Weber Silver Bell in a new cab. I can wait, but do I have to wait? It's the stock OT that comes with Bruce's 5E3 kit. Thanks for the info. I'm sure there are some math formulas that will let me figure this myself but I'm trying to fix a bunch of other stuff and don't want to search for it right now. I should know how to do this math myself. I need to tighten up! But thanks for the help.
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