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Need someone to rewind some pups

10/16/2004 3:06 PM
Need someone to rewind some pups
Does anybody do some rewinding of a few strat and tele duncan pups for me. Please email me or send me to someone. Thanks.
10/23/2004 11:46 PM
Dwight Listmayer

Lotsa people do rewinding, and some are very good ... Jason Lollar, Tony Amendolare @ ElectroKraft, TV Jones, Cam Atkinson in Canada ... you can review any other replies, search google, or go with one of these guys. Strat Man Dwight
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10/24/2004 8:50 AM
Dave Stephens
He has his spam filter turned on, doesn't reply to emails...
10/24/2004 1:16 PM

Sure I do....I found somebody, thanks. Sorry Dave I erased all my emails by accident. I was looking at your Tall Texan pickup and was thinking about ordering one even though I really hate anything that mentions Texas in it's name. It's really played out to do so. I have to wait for some projects to be done first. I was going to email about what size and type wire and magnets you are using in those pups.
10/25/2004 12:41 AM
Dave Stephens
Oh, thought something happened in the email world that went wrong, email me off the forum. Yeah the Texas thing is beat to death but still you say SRV to most strat guys and they start to drool and eyes glaze over. Besides there really IS a Texas style of blues and tone that has changed over the years. TBone Walker back when and SRV and Jimmy Vaughan and many others too.....
10/25/2004 12:17 PM

I know about the Texas thing...been there. Played some clubs in the DFW area a few years back. I would say Jimmy is more Texas than SRV. Although it may be different in the Austin area, I didn't see any SRV clones. I think I have seen more in for the Texas sound yes there is but it's long dead and it's not SRV. I don't see many similarities to Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons and SRV as they are the most heralded guitarists from Texas. I really think the Texas sound is a 50's swing blues with a bit of twang. I think you can hear some of it in guys like T-bone, early Freddie King and it's there somewhat with early J. Winter. I love SRV but I think that Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys have more to do with the Texas sound than SRV. In my opinion SRV is "NOT" a blues guitarist....he's a blues/rock player. Just because you do a lot of 1-4-5's, it doesn't make you a blues player. I think his brother is more of a classic blues player. Just my opinion. I heard one guy in Texas use a strat and a Fender super reverb and he did the best B.B. King I have ever heard from a white guy, awesome. I didn't hear one guy even try to sound like SRV, they where more swing oriented.
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