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Tele pup; what's with the string?

6/22/2004 1:25 PM
Tele pup; what's with the string?
Hi all. Anyone have any suggestions or views on the cloth string used to wrap Telecaster pickup windings? Where do you get the string? How do you wrap it and secure the ends? Do any of you builders use the string or just use tape?  
The lead pup in my Hwy 1 Tele is wrapped with white string, and I have a roll of waxed lacing string that looks similar. However, old Fenders use a black string.  
Just curious; haven't read this being discussed here before.
6/23/2004 12:41 AM
Dave Stephens
I'm curious why Leo used string, I wonder if maybe some transformers or something was done this way, wha an odd idea wrapping string around a coil. The 70s teles were black string wrapped but the original teles I don't think were black. I have a friend with a '51 nocaster and the string looks brown, or maybe it used to be whiter without all the crud on it. You just have to experiment with different strings and yarns and see what works for you. I've tried everything and settled on my own method. As for wrapping and tying the stuff just study one and it will dawn on you how to do it. You just have to DO it and then you'll figure it out......Dave
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6/23/2004 2:19 AM
Maybe Leo was into bondage?
6/23/2004 4:31 AM
Sheldon Dingwall

What was tape technology like at the time. Maybe string looked better and lasted longer than what was available.
6/23/2004 3:45 PM
Jason Lollar

It would have been cloth or paper tape but I see plenty of 30's and 40's pickups with the tape still intact.
6/23/2004 9:50 PM
Curtis Novak

I use the string method not too hard. I found it at the grocery store make sure it is 100% cotton and that it is a little fuzzy some is way too smooth finish does not look right. My process is I super glue the start at the bottom wrap to the top and super glue the end at the top then snip. To get black I dye it is my Tobacco Brown Sunburst dye. I can wrap one it about the same time as taping it and I like the look better. here is a link to mine.  
6/24/2004 1:03 AM
Dave Stephens
Yeah Jason the stuff on the '51 nocaster looks like that old paper brown string used to wrap packages with a long time ago, I haven't seen that stuff in quite a while....Dave
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