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what about making a magnet?

6/17/2004 8:14 PM
what about making a magnet?
I'm from Lithuania. Here, in Lithuania are very few people, who makes guitars and other stuff related with guitars, for example pickups. I would like to know, if it is possible to make a magnet for a pickup at home? If someone knows, how to make a magnet for a pickup (i mean, what metal you use, what technologies and so on..) please, contact me (see my e-mail above).
6/18/2004 12:28 AM
Jason Lollar

You could magnetize a piece of steel but it wont have nearly as much magnetic strength as alnico or ceramic and it will disharge easily and wont hold a full charge for long. Other than that you could look for a more exotic "steel" material that will hold a charge longer but you will still have something with less magnetism.
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