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Wiring project

3/13/2004 7:49 PM
Wiring project
I have a question for anyone that might want to contribute. I am building a guitar and have everything the way I want it aesthetically (sp) but I have to design a circuit. Here's what I have and want:  
I have three virtual vintage p-ups, a 3-way toggle switch, two volume controls, and a tone. What I want to do is wire it so that the neck and bridge are attatched to the toggle so the 3 positions are neck, neck/bridge, bridge. One of the volumes controls these two p-ups and the tone is hooked to these also. The middle pickup just has a volume knob and is out of phase with the neck and bridge. The middle p-up is NOT connected to the switch. I have a couple of wuestions. First, should I put the p-ups in parallel or series (I'm not even sure what I'm talking about here, but I heard somewhere that these are viable options)? Second, what value pots should I use? Third, what value capacitor should I use with the tone knob?  
Any advice would be extremely appreciated.  
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