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If you've seen Fahrenheit 911...

9/17/2004 12:26 AM
anonymous If you've seen Fahrenheit 911...
Here's the sequel!
9/17/2004 6:14 PM
another anon
dick miller is a whore.  
doubtful that this will truly reveal anything.  
it looks like a derivative work attempting to use moore's technique and style to capitalize and leech off his success.  
anti-moore films are popping up like mushrooms and will be a dime a dozen. isn't the counter to an anti-bush movie a pro-bush movie, and not an anti-anti-bush movie?  
i'll watch this film though. unlike conservatives (like McCain) who blast farenheit9/11 on heresay without even seeing the film itself, i'll watch this film and formulate my own opinion.  
of course, i'll likely download it from kazaa cause I sure don't want to give any of them my money ;) :-p
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9/17/2004 6:38 PM

I can't wait to see this film. I haven't seen a good comedy in a while.  
I love the personal accounts of how you should always be skeptical of what a person like Moore says because it's all lies, how a president should see things as black & white, terrorism is a real threat to america, etc. etc.  
These are truly some of the funniest things I've heard in a while. These folks have obviously not seen the Moore film, nor have they paid any attention to what has happened over the past 3+ years. Nowhere did Moore state, or show that terrorism is not a real threat to the US. He just showed the actions leading up to and after the events of 9/11 of Bush and his administration. If everything in the film is lies, then 9/11 didn't happen. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell didn't actually say that Hussein possessed WMD and that they knew where he was hiding them. We didn't actually go to war in Iraq. US Soldiers actually haven't died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of the US Congress supported efforts by disenfranchised black voters in Florida following the irregularities during the 2000 election (read NO DEMOCRAT stood up to this challenge). So on and so forth. And, as we all know, all supremely complex issues, such as terrorism, can be oversimplified into black & white terms.  
I am very interested to hear what solid evidence they have that proves everything Moore has shown us in this film are lies. Moore is not just critical of republicans, but our government as a whole, this includes democrats.  
The message I am getting from the trailer is: Be skeptical of Moore, but blindly trust Bush, his administration, and over government under their rule. Or, Trust liars and ignore the truth.
9/17/2004 6:46 PM

I forgot to add:  
This is nothing more than looney internet conspiracy theory, lies, conjecture, damn lies, bullshit, etc.  
Right back at ya anonymous.  
By the way, why are you so afraid to use your real name? The USA Patriot Act maybe?
9/18/2004 12:15 AM
Concerned Citizen
"why are you so afraid to use your real name? The USA Patriot Act maybe"
If you think that an anonymous post can't be traced back to its author via message IDs, IP addresses, etc, then you are truly deceived. And Big Brother has never needed the Patriot Act before now.  
9/20/2004 8:30 PM

Agreed CC! I know that it is very easy to trace anything done online. I was making a point about the hysteria that this administration has the country under. The USA PATRIOT act just allows our government to disregard ALL LAWS when it comes to their hunt for terrorists. Who knows, one of us on this board could be determined to be an enemy combatant by Bush directly and we'd never see the light of day again. We'd be hussled off to Guantanamo Bay, heald without right to counsel, tortured and eventually executed. All legal under the USA PATRIOT act.
9/20/2004 9:34 PM
Concerned Citizen
"The USA PATRIOT act just allows our government to disregard ALL LAWS when it comes to their hunt for terrorists"
Exactly what new powers were granted in the Patriot Act?  
"enemy combatant by"
If you are stupid enough (like the detainees in Gitmo) to point a loaded weapon at US military forces then you deserve to be shot where you stand. Vacation in Cuba at taxpayer expense is a *huge* increase in standard of living for those men and they are fortunate to be still drawing breath.  
Except for being disarmed and detained, *NOTHING* about the treatment of the Guantanamo Bay detainees comes close to toture.  
Please, wipe the froth from your mouth, thke your medication, and think before you type.  
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