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How to go to Hell (Very Long)

4/13/2004 1:55 PM
Frank DeSalvo
How to go to Hell (Very Long)
Get these images of Televangelists out of your mind; they're using God's name to create wealth for themselves. Real Christianity isn't a spectacle or a 3-ring circus; it isn't some man exalting himself on television or in front of thousands; it isn't some knuckle head begging for your money; it isn't some false teacher misleading the lost and taking advantage of the down trodden. As taught by Jesus, it is the humbling of oneself and the exalting of God.  
Ayway, I feel compelled to share this: I am often asked “If there is a God, then why would He allow people to spend eternity in Hell for a few years of bad decisions on earth?” They wonder how God could be so exclusive and intolerant. I mean, isn’t the idea of eternal punishment a contradiction to the existence of a loving God? Now, well here’s the argument: “How can this loving God have a place of suffering for eternity if He’s the God of love?” Let’s look at it from this perspective for just a moment: Is this God of love a God of Love if He overrules man’s free will and chooses to take men and women who have rejected Him all of their lives, who have refused Him any access into their lives, who have chosen by a deliberate act of their will to shun Him and to reject His Son, to violate His principles and to live a life independently of God? Is it fair for God (who is a God of Love) to take a person who wants independence of God, who wants no part of God or spiritual things here on this earth and then take them when they die and place them into a heaven of which they wanted no part of while they were on earth-where they wanted no part of God, no part of His ideas, no part of His Kingdom, no part of His purpose, no part of His plan and then violate their free will by forcing them to live in a place called “Heaven” for eternity when they didn’t want it on earth and wanted nothing to do with Almighty God??  
That argument doesn’t hold any validity at all because when you and I begin to examine what God says that there are two places where people spend eternity and they choose while on this earth where they will go. And God was to take someone and force them to spend eternity in a place of righteousness, mercy, holiness, kindness, love, and tenderness and all of these things when everything in them in their lifetime and all of their character was totally opposite would not be a loving God. And so God does not force them to do so and they must spend eternity somewhere where their environment is like the character they exhibited which is a place called “The Lake of Fire”. There is no place in heaven for people who have hardened their hearts against God and have worked to destroy all of God’s work here on earth. You may say, “Wait a minute, they didn’t choose to go to Hell” but they chose the very opposite of what God offered and when a man willfully shuns and rejects one option, he automatically accepts the other which he knows is there.  
All of the unbelief in the world will never close down, shut down, silence, put the fire out, or cool of the fires of Hell. It is a place that matches the character of those who go there.  
The issue is not if God is going to let someone suffer eternally for a temporal sin or choice once in their life (or 10x or 50x). That isn't even the issue. When you choose to reject the Lord Jesus Christ (for whatever reason yours may be), you decide that you are going to live independantly of God. you are going to decide how you are going to be saved. In your mind, you are going to formulate your own kind of god and that you don't need the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. But what you are doing is rejecting the testimony of God, rejecting the Word and councel of God, and you are choosing to live your life free from the will, the purpose, the plan, and the deisre of God for your life.  
My friends, you not only make that decision once, you make it through a lifetime. And when you die, you have chosen by those continuous choices to reject Jesus Christ and to live eternally separated from Him.  
People, don't let yourself be caught offguard in this condition; all you have to do to be saved is to acknowledge that Jesus was the Son of God who died and paid the penalty for your sins. That's all. When you receive Him, you are freed from all of your sins-past, present, and future. When you confess this, you will receive His Holy Spirit and be sealed for eternity as a child of the Living God.  
4/13/2004 4:43 PM
Mark Lavelle
I respect your faith, Frank, and even envy it in a sense (I can see how much people can benefit from their faith), but I don't see how I can be expected to "acknowledge that Jesus was the Son of God" if I don't believe there is a "God." From my point of view, I'm not choosing to reject anything – I don't believe there's anything to reject!  
OTOH, I do choose to live as morally as I can, and follow the "golden rule" in everything I do (at least whenever I remember to! ;)). Why? Because it's obviously the best way to live in a civilized world, which is the kind of world I prefer.  
I'm not the least bit worried about what'll happen to me when I die because I believe that I'll just be dead - kattam shud, kaput, finis...
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4/13/2004 5:07 PM

amen mark
4/13/2004 5:29 PM
Frank DeSalvo

Cool, Mark, and I respect that as well. There is a verse in the Book that goes something like this: He that knows his master's will and disobeys it will be beaten with rods severely and he that doesn't know his masters will and disobeys it shall be punished less severely. Wel, that's a crude paraphrase! Of Course, the usage of the term "rods" is strictly metaphorical, but the punishment is what is to be underscored.  
Good one, Doc. :D  
4/13/2004 6:12 PM
Kursad K
"There is a verse in the Book that goes something like this: He that knows his master's will and disobeys it will be beaten with rods severely and he that doesn't know his masters will and disobeys it shall be punished less severely."
Was that from the passage "Stick and carrot:13" err John:13 of the book?  
4/14/2004 10:16 AM
Dave H

It’s comforting to know I’ll be receiving a lesser punishment but what about the majority of believers who are not Christians? It would appear that there’s no room in Heaven for them because Jesus is sneaking all his mates in through the back door and to add insult to injury after praying to God all their lives they are to be ‘rewarded’ with a worse punishment than mine! Now that’s what I call a good rodding. :)  
4/14/2004 8:29 PM
"He that knows his master's will and disobeys it will be beaten with rods severely and he that doesn't know his masters will and disobeys it shall be punished less severely.  
So, is all this talk that God gave us a free will really nonesense? Coersion to act one way or the other based on knowing that you will go to hell for choosing a certain path really doesn't pass for free will.  
Don't you think Jesus is off doing other things rather than worrying about who is going to heaven or hell? Let's face it. He was crucified 2000 years ago. Isn't it really a bit self serving, self-centered, and narcicistic to think God has been spending the last 2000 years monitoring each individual man to determine who will make it to the big superbowl in the sky?  
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