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4/12/2004 3:58 PM
How many more lies must come out before Bush and Co are impeached? Where is the fucking outrage at Bush and Co?  
Lets see, bullshitting about a blow job from a fat ugly intern is grounds for the circus that the conservative freaks put the whole nation through but endangering thousands of lives and starting two wars, one of which will be devestating for a large part of the world is okay!  
you fucking conservative Bush backers are out of your minds!  
profanity is in this case perfectly acceptable,,  
so if your 16 and reading this, sorry.  
4/12/2004 4:19 PM
John Fisher

I agree with you in principal here Pierre.  
The profanity? well!  
John Fisher
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4/12/2004 4:44 PM
Mark Hammer

Impeachment will cost millions upon millions and take ages. It will contaminate the next election and will also leave a lot of bodies from both sides lying around.  
There are a LOT of disappointed people, some of whom are Republicans, some Democrats, some of whom are red-faced angry, and some of whom are just saddened and dismayed. Ultimately, this will be a one-term administration. It may be best to simply let it die a natural death by the polls, sweep up the mess, get on with things, and regularly remind the next administration of what the failings of this one were so that they aren't repeated.  
That's pretty much how democracy works. I'll leave "The Alamo" to the movies.
4/12/2004 9:07 PM

You know what, I think it is worth the millions to impeach in this case because Bush and Co are downright criminals in everysense and to get that point across to all the weasels waiting in the wings the currentt adminstration should be held accountable to the letter of the law, national and international.  
Rumsfeld and Cheny are the epitome of obnoxious, idiotic, evil men. Everytime I hear Rumsfeld speak I get violent feelings, and that is a rarity only occuring when I hear that britany spears is the sexiest women alive. DOn´t people realize her eyes are to far apart?  
if people are mad, I don´t get that impression from ANY newsource.  
Whats worse is that Dumya just goes along smiling like nothing is wrong. At least Bill put on the serious oh shit face.  
I will not believe this is a one term government until Jan 2005.
4/12/2004 10:29 PM
Mark Lavelle
Lots of people *are* mad, and you can see it easily all over the web. Here are a few of the sites I check almost every day:  
I'd say the reason you don't see more talk about impeachment is that it wouldn't stand a chance against a Republican president with a Republican-dominated congress, so most of us are focusing on making sure Bush never gets elected (notice that I didn't say re-elected...)
4/12/2004 10:55 PM
KT-88, you seem to be missing it. You said...  
"you fucking conservative Bush backers are out of your minds!"  
There are very few conservatives left in this country. Instead, what passes today for conservatism is in reality Authoritarian Liberalism.  
Please amend your statement to "you fucking liberal Bush backers are out of your minds" because that's what you are dealing with. Once you understand that then it makes complete sense that there is little outcry against Bush. His backers love big government and Bush has delivered.  
4/13/2004 2:04 AM
Did Bush hold the CIA, INS, CIA and others responsible and try to find out why they failed to communicate their knowledge and activities to prevent the September 11th attacks? No, playing the fear card, he immediately took away rights from the citizens of the USA and formed the Homeland Security and Patriot act to further bully the USA citizens. Allowing the president singular control over Homeland security is against the balance of power that has always been tempered with override authority between the legislative, judicial and executive branches. Why was this power ever allowed by the legislators? However, the judicial branch is the one that gave him the position of president. Go figure. The Bush clan and the bin Laden clan have been members of the investment group, Carlyle for decades. When the USA attacked Iran instead of Saudi Arabia the motive of destroying a competative oil producing nation should be questioned. Consider that more than 75% of the 9/11 terrorists being Saudi's, it takes some serious lapse of attention to believe that the perpetrators will be found in Iran. Guess why gasoline prices are going up in the USA. Follow the smell of the oily money back to the source.
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