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Re: Saddam the Coward

12/23/2003 12:15 AM
Love Hippie Re: Saddam the Coward
John, Saddam's "cause" is himself and that's it. If you think that he is part of a secret plan to make the Islamic world a better place for others for example, you would have to be mistaken. Even OBL called him an Infidel. He's not really connected with any cause other than his own personal gratification and self centeredness.  
The most selfish act I can think of is murder -- the taking of another's life for one's own personal gratification. Let's face it. SH is a compulsive serial killer who makes Jefferey Dahmer look like a Sunday School Choir Boy.  
I don't nescesarily disagree with you about the evilness of other activities in Iraq. But to imply that SH is any innocent because of questionable actions on the part of others does not seem to make much sense. Two wrongs don't make a right.  
1/6/2004 7:32 PM
Mark Hammer
The Jan 14, 2004 issue of Weekly World News confirms it. "Bat Boy led our troops to Saddam's hole!"  
All through the last few weeks of December, I kept thinking "Y'know, Time ought to make the officer who decided to check just once more the Person of the Year". Not to suggest that soldiers *don't* try to do their job well, but I felt the very idea of a public servant being professional was a notion whose time in the spotlight had come.  
But the obvious escaped me...  
How could I have ever doubted? How could it not have crossed my mind, that there could only be one individual with enough raw courage, dedication, social responsibility and foresight to have spotted the hole: Bat Boy! (  
To quote from this inspiring article:  
"His batlike sonar , ability to see in the dark and other traits make Bat Boy an indispensible tool for the military, an insider says. During the months leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bat Boy carried out dangerous reconnaissance missions on behalf of the Army. The 5-foot tall pointy eared creature also conducted sabotage - destroying chemical weapons that Saddam had planned to use on Coalition troops. He became a real thorn in Saddam's side, reveals the insider....Bat Boy was rotated home after the end of the major combat in May. But when the search for Saddam dragged on fruitlessly, generals summoned the creature back to Iraq. All Bat Boy was given were a pair of smelly old riding boots of Saddam's. He took one good whiff and that enabled him to follow the trail from Baghdad all the way to Tikrit....President Bush reportedly will award Bat Boy the Bronze Star in a special White House ceremony later this year."  
Wow! You think you know what's going on, but sometimes you have absolutely no clue.
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