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Any Good BS?

11/16/2003 12:10 AM
Flim-0-Flam Any Good BS?
Looks like this forum is dead. Anybody got any good BS to share?
11/16/2003 10:13 PM
Krog the Resuscitator
I hear in Australia, BS stands for "Budgie-Smugglers" otherwise known as the Speedo-style bathing suit. Popular with Euros and smelly Aussie-types like Wussie Crowe for making their less than adequate junk look more substantial.  
ps-your religion sucks, your political views are laughable, and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/fantasy lover is repugnant. that should get something started!
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to build a Bassman, Champ, Plexi, an 800, AC-30, Bulldog or Portaflex? Or you wanted to build an SVT with off-the-shelf parts? How about a master-volume amp that doesn’t change tone with the master setting? Everything you need to know is right here, including: proper grounding techniques, wiring methods, and mechanical considerations. Eighteen chapters cover the “iconic” amps everyone knows and loves, with schematics and layouts for each, along with the technical history of the product. Eyelet-board and chassis-mounted tube socket construction is used throughout, for easy servicing and modding. TUT3 is very accessible even if you cannot fully read a schematic and is a "must have" if you are going to build an amp for your self.

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11/17/2003 5:36 PM
"your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/fantasy lover is repugnant."  
They are,they are...but then I'm no Picasso
11/17/2003 11:32 PM

I think that a simple, "You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny," is more than adequate.  
On another note, I may have to start smuggling Mounds bars into San Diego. I still can't find any.
11/18/2003 12:22 AM
The Governator
"On another note, I may have to start smuggling Mounds bars into San Diego. I still can't find any."
So the girly-man can't live without his Mounds. Isn't that sad?  
Better buck up, girly-man, or I'll make a special Mounds tax for San Diego and you'll never see them again!  
P.S.: This new job is really great!
11/19/2003 12:41 AM
Michael Jackson
Why does everyone pick on me? I love children!
11/20/2003 2:31 AM
Frank De Salvo
Good Michael Jackson Jokes!
OK, II'll start off:  
What does MJ and K-Mart have in Common?  
They both have kids pants half-off!  
What does MJ hear most often when he goes to the beach?  
Hey, get outta my son!  
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