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Re: Mike...please.

6/24/2004 2:28 AM
mike Re: Mike...please.
hey jesus was a hippy---he smoked too...frank
6/5/2004 7:53 PM
Big "A" Re: Brother Stair
I heard Brother Stair on the radio the other day and have to say the guy is cool. He clearly says the current state of affairs in the world is the work of the devil. He also says we are living in the last days of the world.  
Interesting words from a preacher who doesn't follow the sanitized feel-good approach to religion that says Jesus wants to give everybody a nice house in the suburbs and two Cadallacs in their garage.  
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6/8/2004 12:26 AM
B Re: I can tell you about heaven!
Brother Stair is COOOOOOOOOOOL. I'm going to join his church. DeSalvo, you can come along and join also!
6/8/2004 1:17 AM
Frank DeSalvo

OOOOOO, can I bring the cookies?? Can I?! Can I?!  
6/9/2004 4:37 AM

Can i bring my 12 year old son??? can i ??? can i ???  
so he can get raped ???? can i ????  
will the priest touch my kids nutsack ?????  
no thanks--im takin my kid to the drag races on sunday--------no anal rape......;)
11/9/2003 9:14 PM
TF Re: How many of you are going to hell?
Looks like only one person volunteered to go to hell. Everybody else wants to go to heaven it appears.
11/11/2003 9:03 PM
John Paul

From what I hear, handbaskets are selling like the devil.  
Our fine Italian basketweavers are working overtime.  
everyone else can just kiss my you-know-what, like they have been waiting in line for centuries to do  
I've said it before, it's my way or the highway, that would of course be the Highway to Hell :)  
John *Les* Paul
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