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Re: Mike...please.

6/9/2004 4:22 AM
Re: Mike...please.
yes i am.  
read any and all books by Erik von Daniken ---he makes the most sense out of ALL evidence on earth from thousands of years old(and Dated) findings.  
Check it out--it makes way more sense than the fantasy "bible"-----his books are based on EVIDENCE FOUND ON THIS EARTH----not fantasy worlds AND "FAITH".
6/9/2004 2:45 PM
Earl Norton

Ok, you believe that the human race is an old experiment. How does that belief preclude the existance of an ultimate creator? The two don't appear to be mutually exclusive.
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to build a Bassman, Champ, Plexi, an 800, AC-30, Bulldog or Portaflex? Or you wanted to build an SVT with off-the-shelf parts? How about a master-volume amp that doesn’t change tone with the master setting? Everything you need to know is right here, including: proper grounding techniques, wiring methods, and mechanical considerations. Eighteen chapters cover the “iconic” amps everyone knows and loves, with schematics and layouts for each, along with the technical history of the product. Eyelet-board and chassis-mounted tube socket construction is used throughout, for easy servicing and modding. TUT3 is very accessible even if you cannot fully read a schematic and is a "must have" if you are going to build an amp for your self.

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6/9/2004 2:17 PM
Frank DeSalvo

Mike, who's in the fantasy world again? Pass the pipe, Mike. Pass the pipe.  
6/9/2004 3:27 PM
John Fisher

"Listen to George Carlin--he explains it very well."
How can you use someone like George Carlin as your role model.  
Do you really want to be like him? It seems that those who follow his idealizm are crude, have no class and have a mouth like a sewer.  
The only thing he can think up is gross humor to keep making his money. Yuk! So because of that you want me to "open my eyes"?  
[QUOTE]God damn thats so lame-----if god is the creator and ruler of the universe---He shouldnt :  
1.ruin peoples lives with tornadoes and hurricanes  
2.let kids be born with cancer and lukiemia(diseases he invented cuz he created Everything)  
3.let people(who are church goers) burn to death in house fires.[/QUOTE]  
So mike you think you can create or do things better?  
That's always the case. "If I was god I wouldn't let these horrible things happen". "I'd do things better then you god!".  
That's the same thing that Lucifer said to God just before his fall. He didn't want to be the light bearer, he wanted to be the light. This is because of "Pride" the rood af all sin.  
That is why this world is in such a mess right now as people are always trying to save themselves by themselves or do it their own way without God.  
Like Frank Sanatras song: "I did it my Way". "I am the the master of my own soul". "My head is bloody but unbowed."  
God help you!  
John Fisher
6/9/2004 6:27 PM
That's the same thing that Lucifer said to God just before his fall. He didn't want to be the light bearer, he wanted to be the light. This is because of "Pride" the rood af all sin.  
Please cite chapter and verse where this is found in the Bible. Thank you.
6/10/2004 12:17 AM

yea john--stop making shit up.  
and franky---i dont mess with the pipe---you are the one in a rock band...;)
6/10/2004 1:55 PM
Frank DeSalvo

:D Mikey, now stop that. You know that all rock guys aren't the same!  
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