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Re: Brother Stair

11/23/2003 1:22 AM
X-Anonymous Re: Brother Stair
No one lives up to believing my friend. It's called sin. Jesus told us all about it. The best you can do in life is try not to sin but even then you still will. And the Lord will forgive you if you ask.
11/23/2003 1:34 AM
X-Anonymous Same shit, different day
Regarding living in a f***ed up world -- it all has to do with our leaders. Many have their first priority as money. Forget God when it comes to many of our leaders. Many are near godless. Money is what they worship.  
As Jesus said, many will be called and few will be chosen. Yes, many of our leaders can spell Jesus and say Jesus and preach Jesus, but when it comes to living the commandments of Jesus they refuse. It's easier to follow the commandment of money.  
And this is nothing new. Remember how Moses caught his tribe worshipping a golden calf in the desert? Same shit going on today. Same shit, different day.  
We are near the end of times. I think the world will go on for a few hundred years and then the Lord is coming back to straighten things out. For the wicked, it ain't going to be pretty.  
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11/24/2003 6:45 PM
John Fisher

I agree with your post but pesonally I don't believe we have a couple of hundred years left. Things are progressing too rapidly. Read Matthew chapter 24. "Knowledge shall increase." It's amazing when you look at the history of the world and it was only just a little over 100 years ago that they invented the light bulb and look what they have now. Horse and buggy has been the norm for travelling for thousands of years until just less then a centry ago. Now look at the rapid travel of today. And in spite of all the technalogical advances man can't even solve the basic problems of the world like hunger and war and are even more barbaric then in times past in history. There are many other signs to look out for that are written in that chapter and I believe that most of them have been fulfilled. Watch out! It won't be long now.  
John Fisher  
6/2/2004 3:47 AM
mike Re: Brother Stair
HOLY CRAP---you people are completely Brainwashed JACKASSES!!!! wow---figure out reality!!! look around!!
6/2/2004 5:36 AM
John Fisher

"HOLY CRAP---you people are completely Brainwashed JACKASSES!!!! wow---figure out reality!!! look around!!"
NO, No, No mike!  
I think you belong more in the "Beheaded Video" thread.  
Take care.  
John Fisher
6/2/2004 5:07 PM
ahh, how typically christian---if someone doesnt believe in your bullshit fantasy world--you shun them away !!!!
6/2/2004 8:06 PM
John Fisher

Shun what away?  
If you don't believe in the bullshit then just go to the threads that you can relate to. Doesn't that make sense?  
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